A Dragon Dress for Sammi

My friend and fellow dragon lover Sammi found an image of a hooded dress made with dragon-scale fabric and shared it on Facebook, and I, being the ambitious seamstress that I am, enthusiastically offered to lend my expertise and sewing machine to the cause of helping her make a better version.

The original dress was stitched from a single fabric pattern and had simple fan sleeves. Sammi and I considered ways of improving the fit and ease of wear, and making the design more striking and dragon-like. The wings and hood became a lined jacket, allowing the wearer to take these heavier and more inconvenient elements off when in a hot or crowded environment. We increased the size of the wings and made them into a classic dragon-wing shape, and added an accent fabric and embroidered details on the wings and belly. The hood we lined with fleece, (which is stiffer and less slippery than the spandex fabrics used in the rest of the garment) so that it holds its shape and stays on the head despite the weight of the tail portion. All of the spikes are structured with heavyweight fusible interfacing so that they stand up from the rest of the garment.

A wonderful side effect of working on the dress was that it gave Sammi and I an excuse to hang out, and brought us much closer as friends, even as school, jobs, and life pulled us in different directions, making our progress sporadic. Fortunately, our mutual enthusiasm never faded, and we finished the costume in late spring of 2017.

Credit where credit is due:
Design - Calyn & Sammi
Fabric selection - Sammi
Pattern drafting - Calyn
Sewing - Calyn
Photography - Calyn
Model - Sammi


We did a poor job of taking photos during the process - but let’s face it, my living room wasn’t in a particularly photogenic state for most of this time anyway. Here are a few shots from the making of, including me modeling a test version of the dress and jacket, and the time when we had to string impromptu clotheslines all over my apartment. What else is one to do when one has yards and yards of holographic spandex to wash, and it isn’t supposed to go in the dryer?




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