Fuschia Mmpoff

Mmpoffs are small, shy, nocturnal creatures which appear to be part spider, part adorable floof. They are most often found in coastal areas on nights when the aurora is at its brightest. They may amass in groups of up to thirty individuals and sit watching the sky.

Not much is known about their rather unusual physiology. They have an enormous head to body ratio, with long, colorful fur on the head, a fluffy black tail, and shorter black fur on the rest of the body. Each of the four feet has two claws. Every Mmpoff has two large main eyes, and several smaller auxiliary eyes, whose placement and number vary by the individual. Mmpoffs are furry land-dwelling vertebrate quadrupeds, but it remains unclear if they are mammals or not. Their diet is unknown.

Mmpoffs have been observed thus far in a range of colors, but some are far more prevalent than others. The aqua-teal-green range is by far the most common, and shades of purple more less often seen. Pink is quite rare, and red is exceedingly unusual. Yellow and orange have never been documented, and it is unlikely that mmpoffs appear in those colors.

Some people believe that mmpoffs exhibit hypnotic and/or telepathic powers, but this has yet to be scientifically proven. The effects are mild, and tend to make the observer feel gentle and loving towards the mmpoff.

Mmpoffs are a fictional species created by me, Calyn McLeod. They are approximately 21 cm (8.25″)  long and 14 cm (5.5″) tall. Each one is crafted individually, and there will be subtle variations in size/proportion. Mmpoffs are fully posable thanks to an internal wire armature - even the claws can be positioned independently. They are well balanced despite the enormous head, and can easily stand on their back legs, or even do a handstand. The eyes and claws are sculpted from polymer clay, painted with acrylics, and sealed with polyurethane for durability and shine. The soft faux fur is hand sewn onto the body and trimmed into shape before color is added to the fur on the head.