Blaze Fox

Blaze Fox is a one of a kind, fully posable fantasy creature art doll. His face and feet are sculpted in polymer clay, while the rest of his body is plush and constructed over a sturdy, flexible wire armature. Blaze Fox is built from scratch and hand painted (yes, even the eyes are painted clay, not glass!) His faux fur was hand sewn to his body and remains completely soft. He measures 18″ long, and 9″ tall at his ears, 5.5″ tall at his back.

Blaze Fox features subtly asymmetric markings, including one dark paw. While his form is that of a fox, the patterns on his back and face were inspired by big cats and snakes. He is a complex spirit, holding contradictions like most of us do. Blaze Fox has been through some rough travels - I know there is a story behind how his left eye was blinded, but he has not told me it yet.