20″ long, 9″ tall at head, 5.5″ tall at back

Herongriff is not your average hippogriff/griffon. They are heron instead of eagle, and have cloven hooves instead of horse hooves. Herongriff was originally going to be just Heron, but it was not meant to be. The bird body I intended to make was not working out, so I shelved the project, and returned to it months later with the idea of making a nontraditional griffon/hippogriff sort of creature. I am in love with the results!! Herongriff is a testament to the fact that my best work tends to be that which I let flow on its own time.  

Herongriff is a curious, patient, and somewhat stubborn character, and best treated with patience, as I found when trying to photograph them. I finished Herongriff in July, but didn’t have them photographed until late September. It wasn’t for lack of trying - I attempted on several occasions during the summer, but Herongriff refused to look good. They are an autumn creature, and needed to wait for fall light. Even so, Herongriff does not look nearly so good in pictures as they do in person. They would like to be admired on their own terms, it would seem.